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Tattoo Inquiry

To get started, fill out the form below to inquire.

Please note, submitting the form doesn't guarantee an appointment. I'll respond based on my current booking availability and if your tattoo is a good match. Priority will be given to tattoo requests that align best with my expertise and skill set.

Let's get started.

Is this Your first tattoo?

How big do you want your tattoo?

Describe your future tattoo's size in inches the best you can. For example, 3"x 5" or 6"x 4". If your tattoo is a half sleeve, or back piece, etc. type that instead.

What’s your planned budget?

If you do not have a budget then type "None".

Add up to 5 reference photos of your tattoo idea below.
Reference photos can be images of tattoos you've seen or any other pictures that inspire your tattoo.

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Include a photo of the area being tattooed. 

A photo helps us understand your skin tone, body type, and helps us identify moles, scars, or other things that may affect the area of your tattoo.

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Thanks for submitting!

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